We take pride in introducing our exclusive LUT Collection: an extraordinary assortment of 15 looks meticulously developed and utilized on renowned movie and TV show productions in the heart of Los Angeles, across multiple prestigious facilities.
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The Studio Look collection contains LUTs employed on an impressive array of productions from critically acclaimed Hollywood movies, documentary series to a major horror franchise. Experience timeless nostalgia of print simulations scanned at Fotokem, the iconic Kodak 5219 emulation that has served as a foundation for numerous productions, the popular 2-strip processing look, alternative facility re-mappings of the original Alexa transform & IPP2 image processing pipeline, and innovative looks that play with the film density, push cyan tones to new depths and much more.


The looks are designed specifically for ACES and ensures seamless integration into your post-production workflow, guaranteeing accurate and consistent color reproduction across various platforms and devices.

To enhance your experience, the pack includes downloadable instructions on best practices and tips, empowering you to optimize the application of each look.
Don’t miss this opportunity to infuse your work with the same visual magic that mesmerized audiences on the silver screen.