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We continue our DaVinci Resolve training with a brand new high-end course in Color Management Workflow. This is an intermediate course for colorists and visual effects artists taught by our master instructor Lee Lanier.

In this training series you will learn to work with both display-referred and scene-referred management including ACES, applying DRTs with SDR and HDR projects, using DaVinci Wide Gamut, matching camera profiles with color space transforms, DCTLs and Cinematch, how to set up your projects for multiple color space outputs, RED IPP2 and RAW workflow, how to use the Gamut tool, LUTs, CSTs and OpenColorIO in Fusion, an overview of the Colorspace Aware Tools and much more.

The DaVinci Resolve project files and footage are available for download so that you can easily follow along.

The DCTL that comes with the project files is created with a tool called Resolve Math Extra (OFX) developed by Paul Dore

About the instructor

Lee Lanier has created visual effects on numerous features films for Walt Disney Studios and PDI/DreamWorks. Lee is a world-renowned expert in the video effects field, and has written several popular high-end software books, and taught at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

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