Masterclass description

Douglas Delaney works as a senior colorist at Technicolor in Los Angeles, and has color graded many of the most known features and drama series in the world. In his masterclass you are invited into his color suite to watch how built his grades, discuss color grade techniques, workflows and strategies that will help you become a better colorist.

The course is about the art and craft of color grading and is not designed to teach the operations of a specific software.

About the instructor

Douglas Delaney is a world-renowned senior colorist working at Technicolor in Los Angeles. He has crafted images for many top directors and worked on blockbusters and dramas such as Captain Marvel, The Equalizer, Jumanji, The Loudest Voice, and the The Hot Zone.

Course content

Douglas talks about the color space journey in his color corrector and about the family DRT used on this show.

In this lesson Douglas talks about how he approached the color grade on this show, and the order of grade operations.

In this lesson Douglas demonstrates an effective ripple function in Baselight and discuss time management.

Now it’s time to be more creative, and Douglas discuss different look creation techniques. He also share some thoughts about how to prepare for color grading sessions and to deal with conflicting interests in the color room.

Douglas discuss when and why he uses the scopes.

Thoughts on how to get inspired and keep staying on top of your game.


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