The Kharma 35mm print film LUTs are creative Look LUTs based on accurate film emulations generated with true film spectral and colorimetry data from specific film stocks. Trusted by professional colorists, and used on numerous studio productions.
Kodak Vision3 5203

The 5203 stock is a part of the Kodak Vision3 family. Said to be Kodaks “magic stock” known for extreme color separation that draws the viewer into the story. The data used in this emulation has an unknown origin, but has been available at multiple high-end facilities for decades and are used as the film print emulation base on numerous large productions.

Fuji Eterna

Fuji Eterna is a colorful film stock with bold contrast, soft highlights that blends painterly into the midtones, and natural skin tones. Countless legendary movies are shot with this stock.

Fuji Eterna SR12

Fujifilm Eterna SR12 is an old low saturated emulation with extreme pop and super soft highlights. Still very popular for its distinct characteristics.

Fuji 3510

Fuji 3510 is a colorful film stock, with textured shadows, soft highlights and natural skin tones. Some compare 5310 with the popular Fujifilm 400h stock that is used by many top still photographers.

Eastman EXR Color Print Film 2386

This Eastman stock is known to have an “endless depth-of-field”, and is very popular among both feature film and commercial cinematographers. Also said to be the preferred choice for shooting food and products because of its vivid and beautiful tones.

Kodachrome 5268

Kodachrome is an old stock with soft and subtle yet distinct colors. Kodak produced several versions of the stock and it was very popular especially on European and Indie films. This version is developed at Warner Bros and used on numerous high-end productions.

Kodak Vision3 2383

This is the emulation many colorists associate with the “Kodak look”, known for its rich contrast and cinematic colors. The Kharma version is created by legendary color scientist Mitch Bogdanowicz, used on countless feature films and can only be bought on this site. As a bonus, we have added the original Cineon to P3/XYZ and soft clip versions.

The Kharma collection also includes a version of 2383 based on a true data set generated by the image science company Light Illusion. 

Ektachrome 7294

Ektachrome is the “creative film stock” with very soft and distinct colors that has challenged filmmakers to create uniqe images since its origin. This version is developed at Warner Bros and used on numerous high-end productions.


For colorists and DOPs

For colorists and DOPs


The 9 Kharma LUTs are generated with true film spectral and colorimetry data from specific film stocks and emulates Kodak Vision3 5203, Kodachrome 5268, Fuji Eterna, Ektachrome 7294, Fuji Eterna SR12, Kodak Vision3 2383, Eastman EXT Color Print Film 2386 and Fuji 3510. Created in close interaction with the industry and renowned image scientists.


The Kharma LUTs are currently available in .CUBE-format for ARRI cameras (Log C3) and RED cameras (RedWideGamutRGB, RED Log3G10)

The middle gray values of the LUTs are aligning with the values of the camera (color space) they are made for, in order to match original exposure. This is necessary for judging exposure on set, and to ensure the entire dynamic range of the scene will be captured. While the middle gray values are aligned, the middle gray colors are intentionally not neutral to preserve the nature of how film impact the color values.


All color grading and editing applications that supports LUTs, including DaVinci Resolve, Baselight, Premiere Pro, Avid and Final Cut can use Kharma LUTs.
Normally, true film print emulations require cineon transforms, gamut compressions, matrixes and various adjustments to be used (properly) for grading, but this is all baked into the Kharma LUTs. The LUTs are designed for rec709 output, more about that in our FAQ

Disclaimer: The look of the LUT can dramatically change based on balance and exposure, and will only work properly on footage with the color spaces they are made for.