The Cinema Looks for the Cinelook Plugin is created by Senior Colorist John Daro at Warner Bros and contains a combination of a large variety of looks and film print emulations. Some of the looks are used on high-end Hollywood movies, and others are created specifically for Ravengrade.

John Daro

Senior Colorist, WARNER BROS

These looks are a sampling of the library that I use on my features films to craft the perfect grade.

There is a look for every type of project included in the collection, and by blending between them with the built-in mix function, there is an infinite number of possibilities that can be created.

In this collection you can find Kodachrome emulations originally built for Netflix, 80’s Fuji emulations printed to Vision 3, reversal looks, true bleach looks tweaked for HDR workflows and non-empirical Ektachrome emulations. In addition there are several modern saturated, warm, dense and thick look and even an homage to FotoKems legendary color timer Dan Muscarella that was called Mellow Yellow Muscarello.